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Completed Working Papers

“The Elimination of Common Rights and Comparative Economic Development in a Malthusian World”, with Ken Tabata (Kwansei University) and Vicky Fouka (Stanford University), (available upon request).

“On the Origins of Financial Risk Taking: Interpersonal Population Diversity”, with M. Delis (Montpelier Business School) and S. Ongena (University of Zurich), (available upon request).

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“Sustainability Traps: Patience and Innovation”, with C. Karydas (ETH – Zurich), (available upon request).

“Structural Transformation and the Obesity Epidemic: Growth and Taxation”, (available upon request).

Work in progress

“Economic Materialism, Cultural Change, and the Transition towards Sustained Growth”, with D. Varvarigos

“Keeping Up with the Influencers”: Lifestyle Aspirations, Labour Supply, and Economic Growth”, with D. Varvarigos

“Time to Experience”, Broader Research project.

“Duality in Subsistence Consumption, the Transition from Stagnation to Modern Growth and the Reversal of Fortunes”.

“A New Method of Solving the Ramsey Taxation in Continuous Time Endogenous Growth Models”.