MSc Macroeconomics TA Class 2008

Professor: S. Kalyvitis
Teaching assistant: E. Dioikitopoulos

Syllabus for the Tutorial Class

– Barro, R. and X. Sala-I-Martin, 2003, Economic Growth, 2nd edition, Appendix on Mathematical Methods.
– Dixit, A., 1990, Optimization in Economic Theory, Oxford University Press.
– Chiang, A., 1992, Elements of Dynamic Optimization, McGraw-Hill.
– Ronald Sone, 2002, Economic Dynamics, Cambridge.
– Carl P. Simon and Lwarence Blume, 1994, Mathematics for Economists, New York, W.W. Norton Company.

Lecture Notes

Mathematical Tools for Macroeconomic Dynamics (code available upon request)

– Lecture Notes on Overlapping Generations Models (preliminary, available upon request)

Problem Sets

PS1, PS2, PS3a, PS3b, PS4.

MSc Macroeconomics TA Class 2007

Professor: N. Christodoulakis
Teaching assistant: E. Dioikitopoulos

Completed class material (available upon request)