Mathematics II (BSc) TA Class

Professor: T. Xepapadeas
Teaching assistant: Dioikitopoulos E., Kyriakopoulou Efi.

Bibliography for the Tutorial Class

– Lecture Notes of T. Xepapadeas.

– A. Chiang, 1984, Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, McGraw-Hill, Third Edition.

– Ronald Sone, 2002, Economic Dynamics, Cambridge.
– Carl P. Simon and Lwarence Blume, 1994, Mathematics for Economists, New York, W.W. Norton Company.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes: Presentation Slides

Problem Sets and Solutions (in greek) – Σετ Ασκήσεων και Λύσεις

PS1and Solutions

PS2 and Solutions

PS3 and Solutions

Διάγραμμα φάσης